In the world of lifelike companions, WM DOLL has earned a reputation for crafting premium, realistic sex dolls that push the boundaries of desire. Among their impressive lineup, the WM 166C stands out as a captivating choice for those seeking an “all-in-one” sex doll with a lifelike appearance and an ease of use. Join us as we explore the allure of the WM DOLL 166C, a 166cm tall TPE love doll that promises to redefine your intimate experiences.

The Captivating Design:

The WM 166C is a lifesized TPE love doll that boasts a sexy shaped waist, alluring breasts, and a captivatingly curvy ass. Standing at 166cm (5.45ft) with C-cup breasts, this sex doll embodies the epitome of a porn star body. The meticulously crafted proportions contribute to its realistic look, making it an excellent choice for those who crave authenticity in their intimate encounters.

Weight Considerations:

One of the standout features of the WM DOLL 166C is its reasonable weight of 33kg. This lightweight yet full-sized body ensures an immersive experience without compromising on portability. The slimmer fit in the legs, arms, and waist contributes to this reduced weight, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a lighter companion.

Posability and Love Hole Position:

The WM DOLL 166C excels in posability, allowing users to explore a wide range of sexual positions. Its design caters (despite the most of WM DOLL sex dolls) specifically to doggy-style lovers, offering a love hole position that enhances the experience. The advanced WM TPE material adds to the realism, ensuring that not only does the WM 166C look like a real-life photo model, but it also feels like one.

WM DOLL 166C Pros and Cons:


  1. Life-sized TPE Sex Doll:
    • The WM DOLL 166C provides a life-sized, immersive experience for users seeking realism in their companions.
  2. Premium Quality by WM DOLL:
    • Crafted by WM DOLL, known for their commitment to quality, the WM 166C guarantees a premium and lifelike appearance.
  3. Amazing Entry-Level Sex Doll:
    • Perfect for those entering the world of sex dolls, the WM 166C offers realistic proportions and reasonable weight.
  4. Great for All Sex Positions:
    • Its posability makes it an excellent choice for exploring various sexual positions, catering especially to doggy-style enthusiasts.
  5. Lightweight Full-Sized Body:
    • Weighing only 33kg, the WM 166C combines a full-sized body with a lightweight design for enhanced convenience.


  1. Difficulty in Finding Fitting Clothing:
    • The slimmer body fit may pose a challenge when searching for fitting woman clothing, limiting wardrobe options for the doll.


In conclusion, the WM DOLL 166C emerges as a stellar choice for those seeking an entry-level sex doll with a realistic appearance, posability, and a reasonable weight. With its captivating design and attention to detail, this lifelike companion offers a gateway to unparalleled pleasure. While the slimmer fit may limit clothing options, the overall experience provided by the WM DOLL 166C makes it a standout choice in the world of adult companions and is still considered as number #1 choice for many of os.

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