Silicone or TPE sex dolls (often also called as Love Dolls) are the most advanced , realistic and the best sex toys for men (not only !) that have taken the market by storm.  People’s craze towards it is speaking loudly.  Premium sex dolls are expensive, but owning them could be also economical compared to paying for an companion.

Some people are completely fine about it, while some people have doubts in their mind, which is undeserved. Owning an sex toy, even a sex doll is not a shame. Sex dolls are suitable for people of all ages, couples or lonely souls, men and women, due to which not only the sexual desire of the people is being fulfilled. It is also plaing the role of a partner in the bed, which is getting mental strength. Lot of dolls are being used as personal photomodels. Most people who have tried sex dolls have become lovers of it and are using them without any hesitation. Some people are concerned about the potential risks. But they do not need to be worried ,because modern TPE or silicone sex dolls are being manufactured after the supervision of experts.

Sex dolls are more than only expensive sex toys for men. They are also personal models for photographers, mental support for those who had never felt the love or the ones who had lost their loved ones.

Love Dolls And Mental Heatlh

Surely sex doll is no less than a boon for those who used to live in mental depression due to the absence of a loving partner. Those who do often satisfy their sexual desire through masturbation, using basic sex toys, feel lonely in bed or do miss everyday companion. It is true that sex dolls cannot fill the void of a human, but they can certainly reduce your depression due to which you were facing difficulties, much better than any other sex toy. Many people have even claimed that they got rid of mental defects thanks to owning an sex doll and now they are completely mentally healthy.

Despite the concerns of some people, these advanced sex toys for men (sex dolls) have completely dominated the sex toys market today. Manufacturers do ship hundreds of them every day to happy customers from all around the world.

What Is Sex Doll ?

A sex doll is essentially a type of sex toy for men of the size and shape of a human. There are still more and more people who do use their sex dolls for much more than only intercourse, but also to release stress, photography or even marriege. 

Because these sex dolls have a really long history and all the traces and evidence of their origin have been found.  The age-old evidence is evidence that people were obsessed with idols. And it was the passion for idols that composed stories and poems about. It is a different matter that people with those idols have not been able to fulfill their sexual desire. But today’s modern inventions have made it possible for everyone.

That is why it is being said that today those idols have been replaced by synthetic dolls which take care of your feelings not only physically but also mentally. This is something no other sex toy can do.

The first love dolls are believed to have been invented by Dutch sailors in about the seventeenth century, which was used to masturbate and achieve orgasm during long sea voyages.

They used to shape dolls out of old clothes and masturbate with them. And today the same sex doll has modernly taken the form of the predecessor sex doll. Which is being prepared from a safe material medical grade silicone and other safe materials through science and in-depth research.

It is believed that during their travels, the Dutch gifted some sex dolls made of cloth to the Japanese, or sold them for money.  And perhaps that’s why some people in Japan still refer to sex dolls as Dutch wives.

Modern Sex Dolls

Science helped us to reach safe and to touch life-like materials like silicone or TPE, which has not only made it easy and safe to use, but also almost feeling like these sex toys are alive.

Today’s modern sex dolls not only have a living face, but all those parts of a human’s body looks and feels like real. For woman like sex dolls it´s pelvic, anus, vagina, clitoris, boobs, which do feel and moves like real parts of human body, stimulate the man a lot during sex and prove to be helpful in getting ecstasy. More than any other sex toy for men can do.

Modern Sex Dolls

For modern sex dolls, you can choose premium features like simulating heat of human body with heating skeleton. They can also react to touch or intercourse, simulate breathing or even speaking. At the same time, some dolls are petite to be easy to carry and some being tall, for the most realistic look. You can take them with you while sleeping in bed, or while watching TV, taking bath or shower, sitting on the couch, placing your hand on the shoulder of a sex doll, or lying on your lap ot just feeling the existence of a partner. Something that no other sex toy for men can offer.

There is tousands of sex dolls of all sizes and shapes being made, to meet individual tastes and personal preferences.

Choosing The Right Sex Doll

With so many types and options available today, choosing the right sex doll can often be challenging. Today’s sex dolls are being made exactly like human beings in all skin colors and body shapes. You can choose also doll´s hair, labia, nipple or even nail color . To see all options, you can see all customization options here.

People’s tastes have also changed with modernity. Today, more than one option is being provided along with a realistic feel for the entry of sex dolls. For example, the option of entering the anus, mouth, and vagina is being offered in a single doll.  This is a complete package. Which you keep in mind while making your choice for new sex toy. 

Today’s increasing modernity, research, and science have done the work of taking it forward. Instead of the early vinyl or latex as in today’s body structure using high-quality materials such as TPE and silicone. The body structure is modeled according to the life-size, human body, which also adds to you aesthetically due to the realistic look, feel, and texture.

TPE is becoming more and more popular becouse of it´s lower price. It was first introduced by Chinese manufacturers, while the rest were producing sex dolls only using silicone. The Chinese quickly realized that TPE could be a good and high-quality alternative to expensive silicone and have become the biggest manufacturer of sex dolls.

Other Features Of Sex Dolls

New sex dolls are being equipted with some premium options to bring even more realism like bouncing gel breasts, self lubricated vagina, realistic body painting or even simulate breathing. To see all premium options, you can wisit our Premium Options help guide.

Today’s sex dolls are made with life-like, super model appearence that is pleasing to your eyes and come with a host of features that are the perfect choice for everyone, who needs companion or just do love sex.

They used to shape dolls out of old clothes and masturbate with them. And today the same sex doll has modernly taken the form of the predecessor sex doll. Which is being prepared from a safe material medical grade silicone and other safe materials through science and in-depth research.

But today’s sex dolls are like a real woman. You can tilt her at your convenience. Scissors, missionary, against the wall, spoon, doggy style, cow girl and much more as they are very flexible. With realistic sex dolls, you can fulfill your most secret sexual desires, that maybe your partner is not willing to. 

How To Have Sex With Sex Doll ? 

Let´s be honest. Most of sex doll owners do own sex dolls for fulfilling all sexual fantasies. So let’s talk about how you can have intercourse with your lovely sex doll.

Kissing With Your Love Doll

Due to the high-quality materials, today’s sex dolls have soft and smooth skin, which looks and touches exactly like humans.

The face is also beautifully designed just like the real woman or men, which is also very soft and realistic. Moreover, the doll’s mouth is made up of realistic lips and tongue, which opens easily, so you can put your tongue in her mouth and feel it. You can feel like kissing a real partner.

Oral Sex With Love Doll

Sex doll’s lips, tongue, and teeth are softer and more realistic than you’d expect. You can stick your fingers or penis up to her throat. Which will give you the pleasure of real mouth sex (oral sex). Your penis is not scratched at all, rather it feels like entering a woman’s mouth.

Vaginal Sex With Love Doll

Yes, one of the most common ways to enjoy sex with sex dolls is vaginal sex.

The vaginas of modern sex dolls are made with extremely soft materials with a great detail and attention to details. Realistic lambia or realistic texture provides you the comfort and feel of a real vagina. The shape and size of the vagina have been made perfect in last years. Clitoris has also been made like reality and differs from body to body, to meet your preferences. Some sex dolls have a separate vaginal fit that you can replace or take apart for easier wash.

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Anal Sex With Love Doll

Whether you are shy or know how to control your emotions, the truth is that you have probably had, or at least dreamed of having anal sex.

There’s nothing wrong with that either and it’s normal, healthy and enjoyable. But the truth is that it can often be a real challenge to find a partner who is ready for anal sex or someone who enjoys being the recipient of their anal penetration.

When owning an sex doll, you don’t need to worry about your partner´s feelings anymore. All modern sex dolls do have an option to have an anal sex. It gives you a realistic anal sex experience and this pleasant feeling takes you to the endless world.

Also, your sex doll’s anus is a bit tighter so it produces more sensation on your penis than vagina. Believe us, this sensation and experience serve as an added bonus for you. During anal sex with an sex doll, you will definitely feel immense pleasure.

Anxiety About Ejacuation 

Lot of people are scared of having unprotected sex, whether it´s a health or pregnancy risk. 

It is quite clear that with sex doll, you can ejaculate in your sex doll without any hassle and worry. You just need to take special care of its cleanliness after sex. It is necessary to clean it regularly and your sex doll is absolutely safe. 

I hope that with the help of this article, you have been able to learn a lot and your worries and confusion will have been removed.

Premature Ejacuation

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction that occurs when a man has an orgasm and releases (ejaculates) semen sooner than he or his partner would like. It often happens before or shortly after penetration during intercourse. Estimates vary, but as many as 1 out of 3 men say they experience this problem at some time and guess what. With sex doll, this is not an issue at all as you do not have to mind your partners pleasure.

As having sex with sex doll is as close as possible to having sex with real woman, It also helps a lot in curing premature ejacuation by building your stamina. There are also other ways how to overcome premature ejacuation. Most of them are based on medications, so using an sex doll is considered as one of the most healthy and enjoyable treatment for premature ejacuation (PME) .

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