Buying a sex doll is not cheap so you should choose wisely. We are going to try to help you with your choice in this help guide.

How to choose a sex doll so you will not be dissapointed with your purchase ? You know that feeling when you do buy something based on the first look and then you regret it few days later right ? Well, this is something the doll first-buyers do face quite often and end-up selling theirs dolls few days later.  There are a couple of options to consider before placing an order to not regret your purchase. Consider these options below and you will most likely become a new happy doll owner.

  • reliable store
  • material
  • price
  • weight
  • height
  • appearence
  • options
  • brand

Do not get scammed by cheap, fake sex dolls stores ! Always do your research and pay a little more to get what you ordered !

Reliable Seller

Nowdays, there are so many scammers, selling fake sex dolls online. Even when it´s being told hundered of times, all over the internet, there is still so many people who get scammed. Most of the time, it´s the huge sale (selling 2.000USD doll for 700USD) what made them believe that they have found the best deal on the internet and immediate purchase.

Well, we as an sex doll store do know what is the real cost of these dolls and believe us, no one could sell sex dolls that cheap without making a loss. You will most likely never recieve your sex doll or recieve a fake doll. Fake dolls are made of cheap material, looks different than promotion pictures and could be even dangerous for your health.

So how to avoid these sammers ? 

  • Avoid significantly low prices 
  • Avoid cheap looking web sites
  • Search forums for experiences with seller
If you have found a scammer, please let us know and we will work with manufacturers to ban these scammers.




How to choose a sex doll based on material ? The are only 2 options – TPE or Silicone ? We do recommend TPE for your first sex doll as it´s cheaper and still looks and feels amazing. TPE does require some extra care, like washing, oiling, powdering (see our care guide) but this is rather fun than duty and most owners do enjoy this process. On the other hand, silicone sex dolls do look more realistic and are more durable (you can still repair your love doll in case of damage – see our repair help guide). We have created list of pros for both materials to help you with your choice.
  • More model to choose from
  • Cheaper
  • Softer to touch (feels more like a real skin)
  • Lighter
Silicone PROS
  • More realistic look (faces and cavities)
  • More durable 
  • Easier to clean
  • Better heat resistance (hot bathe is not an issue) 

Do not expect to pay less than 1.500 USD / 1.300 EUR for full sized high quality sex doll. But it´s definately worth it !

How to choose a sex doll based on her price ? Realistic love doll is an huge investment for most of us. Being so, the price is going to be a huge deal. Again, do not expect to pay less than 1.500 USD / 1.300 EUR for full sized high quality sex doll. Basically, bigger doll = more money / more realistic look = more money / silicone doll price > TPE doll price . You can use our price range in shop filter to see, what are your options within your budget.  

Always do consider dolls weight and your ability to lift her !
Too heavy doll is the reason No1 why owners sell their dolls.


How to choose a sex doll based on her weight ? The next variable to consider is doll´s weight. How heavy doll are you able to move around ? Will you move her a lot ? Will you bring her to shower every time after use ? Do you have any device (wheel chair etc.) to help you with doll´s moving ? Are you going to carry her up to stairs ? Are you going to use her for photoshooting only ? Always do consider every situation you can get into and think twice how heavy you can go. Note also, that it is much easier to lift weights, than a Love Doll as her skin is soft and her weight is spread through the whole body. If you are looking for your fisrt doll, we do recommend you to choose a lighter doll. 



How to choose a sex doll based on her Height ? Height of love doll do greatly depends on her weight, so you should choose love doll´s height based on love doll´s weight. We do recommend to use our in shop filter to see what doll´s heights are available for desired doll´s weight. It will be much easier to find clothes for taller doll, so if you are going to do lot of photoshooting with your sex doll, you should definitely consider this. Be aware of MTO (mouth to opening) distance also. If your doll is too short, you can have issues penetrating and kissing her at the same time. Be carefull to not order young looking love doll in case it´s banned in your country ! We have creater a help guide for easier understanding, what dolls could be considered as young looking dolls.


How to choose a sex doll based on Brand ? Quality of dolls does vary from brand to brand. Every brand does have it´s pros and cons but as long as you stay out of not well known brands, you will get high quality sex doll. All sex dolls available in our store are only high quality sex dolls !
Think about them as the cherries on top. You can make you doll to stand, heat, breathe or even talk. Options do vary from brand to brand, but some options are offered from all manufacturers. For list of all available options for every manufacturer, you can use our guide here. We do recommend to equip your doll at least with Standing Feet, Enhanced Hands and Double Joints. 
We do believe that our help guide How To Choose a Sex Doll will make your choice much easier. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask our team for help and we will be more tahn happy to answer all your questions !

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