Question What does Love Doll´s skin feels like ?

Love doll´s skin feels just like the real skin but it does scratch easily, so you have to handle it with caution. Another difference is warmh. While human body is warm, doll´s skin is cold. To maximize sensation, we do recommend to use an electric blanket or built-in heating system inside to warm your doll. To warm love hole, you can use heating rod, supplied with your love doll for free.

Question What does Love Doll´s mouth feels like ?

Each hole is differently ribbed inside, to give you the proper feeling of a real human. As always, we do recommend to use some kind of heating to warm doll´s mounth and with use of lots of lubricantion, a love doll´s mouth feels like a real woman´s mouth. Please, note that oral sex is not possible for most silicone love dolls and for TPE love dolls with implanted hair option.

Question What does Love Doll´s breasts feels like ?

This highly depends on selected breast type. Solid breasts feels like silicone breasts so if it´s your thing, this is the right option for you. Hollow breasts feels and bounce more natural but when you slap them, you can hear the sound similiar to slapping an basketball ball. For natural breasts lovers, we do reccomend an gel breasts, as they do provide you the most accurate feeling compared to natural, real woman´s breasts. 

Question What does Love Doll´s vagina feels like ?

Having a vaginal sex with your love doll is as close as it can get to having sex with real woman. When heated and lubricated correctly, there is no difference at all. 

Question What does Love Doll´s butt feels like ?

Having an anal sex with your love doll is also feeling exactly the same as the anal sex with real woman. It is hard to insert, and once you are in, it is really tight, just as having anal sex with real woman. For sure, to maximize the sensation, do not forget to heat the butt hole.

Question What are the main differences between having sex with love doll and having sex with real woman ?

The main difference is as we stated before the warmth. Human body does self produce a heat, but the dolls body does not and has to be heated to provide the same feeling. 

Next noticable difference is, that the love doll does not move alone, but with finding the right positions that work for you and your love doll, you will not even mind.

The love dolls does not have feelings also, so you will miss that sexy moan. We do recommend to use headphones and listen to moaning that you can find all around the internet when you are getting intimate with your love doll. Another option, even when little pricey, is to choose moaning sound premium option with built in speaker inside body or head, that interacts with doll´s movement for the most accurate feeling.