Reduced Weight from WM DOLL for Love Dolls

Reduced weight up to 30% for sex Dolls – Reduced Weight premium feature for love dolls by WM DOLL

For those looking for tall, curvy or huge breasts dolls, the weight is always an issue. Those dolls are heavy ! Mostly, these sex dolls weigh from 30kg to 45kg (66-100lbs). This is simply because of the dolls construction. It’s not hollow, but she´s made from solid TPE or Silicone. WM doll (JinSan), as we are already used to, is always listening to its customers, and trying to solve the most urgent issues their customers do have. They also noted issues with weight a lot lately, as those tall sex dolls models are more and more popular. 

To save us some hard sweating, trying to move our love dolls, WM Doll (JinSan) engineers came up with a smart solution, to fill the dolls core with foam, instead of TPE, to save approx 30% of the dolls total weight ! That´s around 10kg (22lbs) for sex doll models, currently available with weight reduction premium feature ! 

Weight Reduction

This option does work with WM sex doll models stated below :

  • 150M, 163H, 168E
  • More will be added soon !

You can select this option in PREMIUM OPTIONS – Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction is official WM DOLL product.