Premium Gel Breasts Option

The most realistc breast jiggle and feel – Gel breasts by WM DOLLs

This premium option was made for all natural  breasts lovers out there by JinSan Factory (WM DOLL, YL DOLL, AK DOLL,…) ! Realistic jiggle, bounce and touch – you can have it all with the only con – an added weight. This premium option adds from 1kg to 4kg of mass, depending on the love doll´s height and the breasts size. 

We do also consider it as a little cheat, as the gel breasts does take 1 cup size up, compared to hollow or solid breasts.

Use bra whenever possible to support the gel breasts of size D and up to prevent from “saggy” effect.

Gel Breasts

This option does work with options stated below

  • Breast sizes – A, B (some bodies) – For small breast sizes, there is not enough place for gel to be placed. Bigger sized are too heavy and could damage your love doll´s skin. 
  • Breast sizes + Heating option – D, E, F, H, C (some bodies) – Heaters inside the love doll are place close to the breasts and becouse of this, gel breasts can not be combined with some breasts sizes as there is not enough place for gel to be placed.
  • Soft / Ultrasoft TPE –  We do not recommend this combination at all. In conclusion, this could damage doll´s skin and deform the perfect breast´s shape. (Breasts could have “saggy” look after longer period of the time).

Gel Breasts are now a standart for most of our in-stock dolls.

In case of your serious interest, we can make a custom order for you, even for not available options. Please, be aware that when you create an custom order, we do not held responsibility for any issues related to you customized option.

You can select this option in BREAST OPTION – Breast Type – Gel.