Love Doll´s Self Lubricated Vagina Premium Option

Having sex with your love doll has never been easier – Self lubricated vagina by WM DOlls

Are you tyred of having lube always ready before having fun with your love doll ? Have you ever realized, that you have run out of lube and just before sexy time with your love doll ? With this premium option from WM DOLLS, you do not have to be aware of this anymore ! You can finally enjoy morning cuddle, finished with sex with your love doll, without having to get up and looking for the lube from night before. All you have to do is to apply water and vagina will self-produce lube. This is also pretty close of getting your real girl wet, isn´t it ? 

This option does not work options stated below :

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  • Bult-in vagina – Soft TPE, Ultra-soft TPE


  • Please, be aware that this feature is not pernament (will wash out approx after 50 uses).

You can select this option in VAGINA STYLE – Self Lubricated Vagina.