Premium Voice Option for Love Dolls by WM DOLLS

Everyone loves that sexy moaning of a pleasured girl – Intelligent Voice Option by WM DOLLS

Love dolls can not express feelings, what is an serious turn-over for many of you. Luckily, as technology  quickly moves forward, WM DOLL´s manufacturer is now able to bring your love doll a little closer to the “life”. With this premium intelligent voice option, love doll will answer few predefined questions and most importantly, she will react to touch with moan. From now, you will not have to let adult video running in back and adapat your performance to what´s happening on the screen. Love doll will react to your movement by sexy moan thanks to WM DOLLs intelligent voice. The harder you bang her – the more pleasured moan she makes.

Moaning Button
This device does work with all options.
  • Speaker is placed in head, or in doll´s body. You can always choose where it should be placed in doll´s customization process. 
  • In case you choose implanted wig / hairs type, we do recommend to place the speaker in doll´s body, as implanted hairs would not look that great (spekaer is placed at the back of head, right where the part of implanted hairs is being placed).
  • Do not place the speaker under water !!!
  • The speaker has build in movement sensor, when it detects dolls movement, it will answer with moan.
  • You have to charge Intelligent voice speaker using plug placed on the back of the dolls body or head once per time. For 1 hour of charging, intelligent voice speaker should be charged for approx. 3 hours.

You can select this option in PREMIUM OPTIONS – Intelligent Sound.

Speaker in Body
Speaker in Head