Premium Realistic Skin Option by WM DOLLs

The most realistc body make up for the most realistic look – Hyper realistic skin / body painting option by WM DOLLs

This premium options is for all of you out there looking for the added realism in look of your love doll. Every small detail is hand-crafted by WM specialist and no details are missing. 

Defined ribs, muscles, skin inperfections, nipples and labia with added realism. On photos, your love doll will be indistinguishable from a real woman with this premium option by WM DOLLs.

Hyper Realistic Body Painting WM DOLL

This option does work with all options.

  • Please, note that this option is only make-up, and can fade over time. We do suggest you to re-apply the make-up onto love doll´s body once per time, before it completely wash out.

You can select this option in SKIN OPTIONS – Skin Details – Hyper Realistic Body Painting

Dark Realistic Skin

Light Realistic Skin