Premium Cleaning Option for Love Dolls by WM DOLLS

The easiest and fastest way, how to ceal your love doll – Intelligent Cleaning Set by WM DOLLs

This device is made for all love dolls, with built-in love holes. Most of the time, when you consider to purchase an love doll with vagina insert, you do this becouse of long and messy cleaning process after use. Finally, the WM DOLLs company brings solution for all those who can not bring love doll to shower, do not want to waste time with, or simply are not fans of messy this process. 

This premium device will automatically do everything – cleaning, drying and sanitizing


This device does work with all love dolls, from all brands.

You can select this option in EXTRAS – Intelligent Cleaning Set.

WM DOLLS - Love Dolls cleaning set
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