Premium Breathing Function for Love Dolls

One step closer to realism – Breathing function for love dolls by WM DOLLs

Do you love resting your head on your love doll´s breasts ? Now just imagine, that you could feel her chest moving as she breathe. That would be great right ? Actually, this is already reality, thanks to smart engineers from WM DOLL company ! With this breathing function, your mind will be fooled more than ever and you will believe that the love doll next to you is a real person. No more doll dulness ! 

In combination with the gel breasts, this is an unbeatable set-up ! You will not need your old pillow anymore and you will enjoy resting on your doll breasts more than ever. Breathing love doll is no more just a dream and this option is available now !

Breathing Love Doll

This option does not work with options stated below:

  • Body Size + Gel Breasts – Bodies under 150cm equipted with gel breasts – Gel breasts does take quite a lot of room inside the love doll´s chest. Despite of this, there is not enough room for breathing function device. For bodies over 150cm, you can choose gel breasts together with breathing function for love dolls.
  • Breathing function has to be charged, using plug placed on the back of the doll. For 1 hour of charging, breathing function should be charged for approx. 3 hours.
  • We do not recommend to place love doll equipted with breathing function under water. However, you can still use shower for cleaning, just cover the plug on love doll, used for charging the breathing device.

You can select this option in PREMIUM OPTIONS – Brething Function