Articulated Hands from WM DOLL for Love Dolls

First Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton for Dolls – Articulated hands for love dolls by WM DOLL

Are you tired of your doll´s floppy fingers, that are prone to damage, you can barely pose them and have no grip at all ? 

Then, the new WM Doll feature – Articulated Hands is made for you ! This is the industry’s first ball jointed hand skeleton for sex dolls, which restores the human finger shape. Each finger joint is equipped with a soft rebound spring, which allows the user to position the finger to any shape, promoting an improved tactile experience. 

A damping structure is set inside the joints connecting each phalanx, simulating the actual movement of the finger joints. It also solves the problem of joint breakage, reduces wear, therefore, extending its service life. The finger joint is connected by a spherical structure, the spring tension supports the close combination of the ball head and the spherical groove, to provide suitably appropriate friction resistance, the corresponding joint can not only maintain the posture, but can also be easily tisted, allowing for multi directional rotation of the joint.

Enhanced Hand Skeleton 1 1

This option does work with all premium options

  • First ball jointed hand skeleton for sex dolls.
  • Damping structure effectively extends service life..
  • Spherical structure improves simulation.
  • Articulated Hands are now a standart for all of our in-stock dolls.

You can select this option in PREMIUM OPTIONS – Articulated Hands

Articulated Hands in detail

ROS is official WM DOLL product.