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Facts and features

If you are happy with the doll on photo and do not want to go through all the options, choose “Buy As Photo” option. You will get exactly the same doll as on the picture, but you can still customize non-cosmetical features. If you fo prefer to built your own doll from the toe to the head, choose “Customize”. In the process, you will still have option “As Seen On Photo” for all the options, so we do advise to choose “Customize” at least to see what are all the options.

body type4
Skin Type
Regular TPE

Regular TPE, is the most durable and the least soft option. The new TPE blend is still being nice to touch and much softer than older blends, used few years ago, so it is go to option for most users.

Soft TPE

Soft TPE, is the offers medium softness but is already less durable. Is you are looking for more softness, but you are still afraid of damaging your doll, this could be the right oprion for you. Please, note that by choosing this option, the Gel Breasts (Breast option), Self Lubricated Fixed Vagina (Vaginal style) and Body Heating (Premium Option) options are  disabled.

Ultra-Soft TPE

Ultra-Soft TPE, is the most soft option from all. This option is not advised for most users, as it is highly prone to damage. Choose this one only if you are experienced with moving dolls around. Please, note that by choosing this option, the Gel Breasts (Breast option), Self Lubricated Fixed Vagina (Vaginal style) and Body Heating (Premium Option) options are  disabled.

Skin Details
Hyper-Realistic Body Painting

This option does offer more realistic look of your doll. The ribs, breasts, labia, all the details are more defined and you can also choose freckless. This option does work also with darker skin tones, for more details please, click here. Please, not that this is only make-up and will wash-out over time.

Body Freckles

If you are a fan of freckles, this option is right for you! Please, not that this is only make-up and will blend over time.

Skin Option

Facts and features

Do you prefer asian girls with white skin ? Or are you more into ebony girls ? Why not even mix them up and choose asian girl with dark skin ?! The options are limitless and only your imagination creates the borders. White skin color is extremely pale, for more caucasian look, chose natural or pink. If you like little tanned skin tone, choose light tan or dark tan if you do prefer that look of girls who spent the whole day sunbathing on the beach. Please note, that on darker skin tones than light tan, the baby powder applied to make TPE material less sticky, will be more obvious and will requiere more job to be blended in (no worries, it is still totally worth it !).

You can also choose different softness of skin by selecting Skin Type. The more softer skins are nicer to touch, while being more prone to damage. The softest TPE is advises only for experienced Doll Lovers ! 

Skin Color

Head Type

Facts and features

After choosing your dream body and skin color, it´s time to make another important choise. Choosing the correct head, could make the difference between liking your doll and absolutely LOVE your doll. You can not decide which one you like the most right ? Do not hesitate, and choose option to buy second head ! The heads are fully removable, and could be changed within few minutes. You will have option to choose eye, hairs and freckles for every additional head.

The most recent heads are shown at first. To see less favorite, but still beatifull heads, choose the option “Show More”. We did our best, to collect list of all available heads.

Still haven´t found the head you have seen somewhere on photo ? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find out your desired head from the picture !

ROS Heads

Let´s be honest, JinSan heads looks amazing ! Maybe these are the best looking heads in the industry. Unfortunatelly, once you do perform oral sex with them, theire eyes to get messed up and the whole head deforms in quite unpleasent way becouse of the design. Thanks to JinSan engineers, this is a problem no more ! With updated ROS (Realistic Oral Sex) cavity, you can move the jaws independently and besides it now looks much better, as the head is not deformed anymore, it feels even better ! Learn more here ! Currently there is only few heads available, but much more will come soon.

Frace Freckles

If you are a fan of freckles, this option is what you were looking for ! You can choose on which head this option should apply. Please note, this is only a make-up and will blend over time.


Wide range of basic, medium quality WM wigs.

Implemented Wigs

Implemented wigs offers the same selection of WM wigs (see above) , but in this case, the wig is implemented into the head, creating a much more natural look. Please note, that by choosing this option, the head is no more oral sex capable and ehnanced mouth option is disabled.

Implemented Human Hair

This is the most premium option for those, who are looking for the highest realism. Human hairs are much more soft and nicer to touch than wigs. You can choose length and color. The same as implemented wigs, by choosing this option, the head is no more oral sex capable and ehnanced mouth option is disabled.

Hair Style

Facts and features

By changing the hair style, you can completely change the character of your doll.  Do you like classy blondies ? Than choose blond hair. Do you like black haired, punk girls ? Then choose from more dark hair colors. The best part is, that you can freely change wigs, and enjoy every day with “different person” .

You can also choose the hair type, by selecting one of three options – Wigs, Implanted Wigs and Implanted Human Hair. While the implanted options looks much more real, to be able to offer this option, the head has to be made from harder TPE and becouse of this, head could not be used for oral anymore (but still could be used for kissing). 

Eyes Color

Facts and features

Small detail, but with huge impact on looks ! The eyes are fully and easily changable as they are half hemisphere in shape (bowl) and are held in place by a synthetic cotton like material. We do recommend to pick also second pair of eyes with different color, for that perfect match with different wigs. The Elf type eyes, are available only for fantasy heads. For more exotic colors, select “Additional eyes” option from “EXTRAS” section.

Eyes Color
Mouth Type

Regular mouth hole, for regular oral sex experience, without built in tongue. An additional tongue insert can still be used with this option.


An upgraded version of mouth hole, with texturized surface and tongue. This option could improve kissing and oral sex experience. Please, note that this option is not available for heads with implanted wig or implemented hair.

Mouth Type

Facts and features

Whilest this option does not effect the look of your doll, it could change the sexual pleasure of oral sex and also kissing experience. You can choose different mouth type for each head.

Breast Option

Facts and features

Everyones favorite part of customization. Who doesn´t love choosing the perfect breasts and imagining all the variants ? After defining the aerola style, it´s  time for another hard decision. Are you a silicone breasts lover ? Then Solid Breasts will be the right option for you. Are you a lover of more natural breasts ? Then choose the Gel Breasts. If you like the feeling of natural breasts, but do not want to add an extra weight to your doll, choose Hollow Breasts. To see how gel breasts look in action, click here.

Aerola Color
Aerola Size
Breasts Type
Solid Breasts

Breasts filled with solid TPE. Firm and perfectly shaped breasts without overhang, for those, who love the look of perfect silicone breasts.

Hollow Breasts

Breasts filled with with air. They do jiggle naturally, while still being lightweight, what is the perfect option if you are looking for weight reduction. 

Gel Breasts

Breasts filled with gel. Most realistic jiggle, due to added weight of gel. The gel also adds approx cup size up. Please note that this option is not available for A, B, H, L, M breasts sizes. Body heating (Premium Option) with Gel breasts  is available only for size D, E, H. This option is also also not available for Soft and Ultra-Soft TPE skin (Skin Option).

Vagina Type

Natural look and perfect feeling of built-in vagina, is the right choise for everyone, who doesn´t mind the cleaning process of your doll after use. Diameter of built-in vagina is 2cm, depth is 19cm.


While insert type vagina doesn´t look perfect, it is suitable for someone, who wants hassle free cleaning and do not want to bring doll to the shower after every use. Diameter of removable vagina is optional with depth 20cm.

Self Lubricated Vagina

If you are tired of always having a lube ready for the action, this is the option just for you ! Self lubricated vagina, does self-create an lube inside, when it´s in contact with the water. This option is available for both vagina types – built-in and insert. Please, note that this feature do last only for 40-60 uses. To see Self Lubricated Vagina in action, please, click here. Please, note that Built-in Self Lubricated Vagina is not available for Soft or Ultra-Soft Skin (Skin Option).

Vaginal Style

Facts and features

Eveyone does have the prefered look of vagina, whether it´s a clean shave, or hairy one. Choose the public hair, to your preferences, together with labia color. 

You can choose between two different vagina types, the built-in and insert. If you do not mind carring your doll from your playground to the shower and spending 10-30 minutes of cleaning after every use, then choose the built-in vagina, as it simply feels and looks better. If you do prefer fast action and then only few minutes of cleaning, without having to carry your doll there and back, choose insert type vagina. Another PRO of insert is, that when it´s damaged, you simply change the insert for the new one. 

Public Hair
Labia Color

Nail Color

Facts and features

Just the last step of the look customization. The toenail color is available in 13 different colors, while the finger nail offers 2 different colors.  Not much to say about, just follow your heart.

Finger Nails Color
Toe Nails Color
Standing Feet

This option allows your doll to stand freely. Without this option, your doll will not be able to stand and could be damaged when you place her on her feet.

Double Joints

Upgraded double joints in legs and elbows, for better possability of your doll. Basic skeleton is also known as “shrugging shoulders” and is already free upgrade for all our dolls. This option is not available, when you choose Body Heating  option.

Enhanced Hands

Upgraded steel hand´s skeleton and atteach steel fingers with joints for better posablity, grip and more durability for your love doll´s hands. Learn more and see enhanced hand in action by clicking here.

Body Heating

Do you love the feeling of warm hug ? This option does offer the inner doll heating. Just plug her in, until she´s warm enough. Use with CAUTION ! Could damage the doll ! This option is not available, when you choose Shrugging Shoulders option or Soft / Ultra-Soft Skin (Skin Option).

Intelligent Voice

Everyone loves hearing that sexy moan of pleasured girl. With this option, your doll will respond with moan on move and has built-in microphone, with predefined phrases so you can have a little chat with her. To learn more and seeing this option in action, click here.

Breathing Function

To bring a little more life to your doll, with this option you are again a one little step closer to your dream. When turned on, the chest moves to simulate the breathing chest movemets. To learn more and seeing this option in action, click here.

Premium Options

Facts and features

Your customization process is almost finished ! Now, it´s time to choose some premium options  or as we call them,  “cherries on top”! They can make your doll more enjoyable and closer to the living person more, than ever before. Choose wisely, this options are worth the extra money !

Please, note that when you choose body heating option , you always have to cover the plug in your doll for bath/shower time. 

Please, note that when you choose the moaning sound option, you can not place the head underwater, as it has speaker built in the head ! When you choose multiple heads, you can choose, whether the speaker is placed in 1st , 2nd head, or in extra head


Facts and features

Multiple additional features for your doll for even more cusomization options like additional heads, wigs, better storage options and so on. 

Inteligent Cleaning Set

Are you tired of cleaning your doll in shower ? This Cleaning set is the solution you are looking for ! It cleans, dries and saturate doll´s love holes. For more details and seeing this set in action, click here.

Flight Case

This is the perfect place to hide your doll from curious eyes of your friends and perfect storage place. Your doll will be also shipped in this case, for extra safety.

Regular Teeth & Tongue

This set of teeths and tongues is only cosmetical and can not be used for oral sex !

Vampire Teeth & Tongue

This set of teeths and tongues is only cosmetical and can not be used for oral sex ! If you are into fantasy, this is MUST HAVE for you !