Please, note that this is only a help guide and you should always choose your Love Doll according to your sympathy. If you have already fell in love with  the one and only Love Doll, buy her and don’t let anyone convince you to buy different one, as you could be dissapointed. You can always sell her later and buy a new one, once you will know what proportions you do prefer.

Question What Love Doll Brand is the Best ?

All Brands offered in our store are reliable sex doll manufacturers, so choose based on your look preferences as every doll maker has it´s own style.

Question Customization Details by Brands - Strongly advised for first time buyers

Learn more about each manufacturers Love Doll customization options. Here, you can find more details regarding every single customization step.

Question What Love Doll model should I choose ?

There are two main points to consider :

  • Weight
  • Height


The first thing to consider is doll´s weight. How heavy doll are you able to move around ? Will you move her a lot ? Will you bring her to shover every time after use ? Do you have any device (wheel chair etc.) to help you with doll´s moving ? Are you going to carry her up to stairs ? Are you going to use her for photoshooting only ? Always consider every situation you can get into and think twice how heavy you can go. Please note, that it is much easier to lift weights, than a Love Doll as her skin is soft and her weight is spread through the whole body.


You should always choose Love Doll´s height based on Love Doll´s weight. We do recommend to use our filter in shop to filter doll´s with your desired weight to see, what dolls you should choose from. 

Question I am looking for a Love Doll with the specific head.

When you find a doll that has the head you love, but would like to have or see this head with a different body type, you can filter all dolls with this specific head. Under the love doll´s customization options on the right, you can see tags. One of the tags is showing the doll´s head number. By clicking on this tag, the list of all dolls with this specific head will show up. 

Question Option I would like to choose, is not available.

Sometimes, it is not possible to combine features, as it is  technically impossible, or it is not recommended by manufacturer. In our customization process, you will find only available, manufacturer recommended combinations.

Question Can I get an unavailable option ?

It depends. Do not hesitate to ask our team and we will be more than happy to help you with customized order.

Question Is there a list of all available / not available option combinations ?

In a product page, click on Description tab to see an detailed description of every option. 

Question I want a doll with the gel breasts, what breast sizes are available for ?

This depends and varies based on manufacturer's recommendations. Gel breasts are havier than hollow / solid, so it is not recommended for bigger breasts sizes. If you stil would like to choose gel and it´s not in available list, do not hesitate to contact our support team and we will help you to make an custom order. You can learn more by clicking here.


  • Gel breasts - C, D, E, F, H, J, B(some bodies)
  • Gel breasts + Heating option - D, E, F, H, C(some bodies)
  • Gel breasts + Soft / Ultrasoft TPE - Not recommended
Question I can not decide between bult-in and insert vagina.

We have created a list below to help you choose the correct option. 

Built-in vagina :

  • Looks better
  • Easier to penetrate (suitable for smaller penis lenghts)
  • Feels more real

Insert vagina :

  • Easier to clean
  • Various widths to choose from
  • Can be easily changed in case of damage
Question I have a photo / video of the love doll, but can not find her in your shop.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will be more than happy to direct you to your desired love doll.